Saturday, August 02, 2014

Another post on rich summer...

The same thoughts come to me each summer that we live on a fertile land that spoils us with anything that we could wish for.
I have written numerously about white cucumbers that grow in Sheki. I am posting photos of cucumbers that grow in my relative's garden. I may sound boring but I find it quite amazing to see fruits and vegetables grow and that one is able to go and pick them up right there in the garden.
Gathering black currant is not easy due to its thorns. I did try it. One may often find kids selling it on the way to Sheki or in Sheki. We know its hard work so we buy from them as much as we can.
Saw it growing but didn't touch this time, wasn't ready as yet. Took its photo instead.  
If you have time press on these photos and see the peaches closer. These are let me use popular nowadays word 100% organic peaches that grow in my uncle's garden. They are amazing and yes, tasty.  
 My earlier post on rich summer could be found here.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Spring that says "catch me if you can"...

Before you read this post please read the preceding post. I would continue writing assuming that you did read it...
Although we all understand and agree that time flies almost everyone is caught by surprise when childhood, youth or...another spring is left behind. I am trying to explain to my older sons to enjoy life here and now but middle one is rushing to be as grown up as his older brother and the oldest one wants to be maybe at least a bit older...
This May after taking into consideration all logistics of the family (something that mothers are excellent at to say the least) I said to my husband that we are taking with him a day off and escaping to Sheki. Just one day and just two of us. If we can do it when we have to then we should be also able to do it when we want to! It did work out and we enjoyed every minute of the trip. Maybe back in my mind though I could not switch off my worries about kids and all (from the series 'too good to be true') and the next day we arrived home little one had a fever. I am sure (almost) it had nothing to do with our escape but looks like positive thinking could not prevail fully over worrying mother thinking...
I brought back nice memories and pictures of spring in Sheki that I want to share with you. Spring that says "catch me if you can".  
Field of poppies on the way to Sheki 
Random old style door in Sheki...I wish nothing was replaced but restored...Has nothing to do with spring but does not matter, does it...
 Sheki bazaar was invaded by it possible to be radish and be so beautiful?! :)
Double rainbow on our way back to Baku...

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Early spring in Sheki...

Clever books say that one should always leave routine and change scenery whenever possible. Other books explain that we often perceive things more difficult than they actually are. Defining difficult is quite relative in any case...
We had to attend funeral in Sheki early March and you would agree that when something is an obligation rather than simply a wish, one would often "just do it". We almost never travel to Sheki for a day due to distance of around 300 km but when the duty calls you don't look for excuses.  

Once we paid respect at the funeral I knew that I wouldn't want to leave Sheki before I visit some people that I missed quite a lot.

There we were in the house of aunties I love dearly Ruhangiz and Tamilla, who have special taste for everything beautiful. There are many things that I love about their house including flowers. Lower I want to share with you some pictures. Flowers were in full blossom but I don't think the photos reveal fully that serene beauty.   

There is no compromising when it comes to neatness and beauty of the table setting in their house. From table cloth to tea serving. I may sound strange but the aesthetic pleasure I get is as strong if not stronger if I compare to taste of tea or preserves. 
On our way back to Baku we had this fascinating mist...winter did not want to give in to spring...

I took these photos early March. As you might know in March we also celebrate Novruz. I wrote many times about Novruz on this blog. Sharing with you photo of this year's Novruz taste...


Saturday, February 15, 2014

Happy New Year!

Its mid February and I still haven't wished you "Happy New Year!".

We had an earthquake in Baku couple of days ago that I did feel in the office and our nanny who was at home with two of our kids did feel at home. Well these shakes, real shakes, make us really philosophic! Imagine me, in the office, at around 4pm with something to finish until the end of office hours...and suddenly the desk starts moving - you realize that its an earthquake. Your colleagues realize it too. I called my mom to see if she is at my place and if panicking. Well, she wasn't and she didn't know. So I pretended that it was a random call and called nanny to see if she was panicking. She seemed to be OK and I said...what can we do...let's pray. At that moment, at that very moment, even the idea of going downstairs and waiting to see if anything more happens doesn't matter. Because your kids are at home and you are not with them...My next call is to my father. No, not only because he is the geophysicist and he knows the subject but also because, just like in childhood, he would be the one to tell me that everything is and will be OK and I will believe to what he says. Because I want to. And he said that "don't you worry, its all gone and don't tell me that you got scared in the first place!" And I said "oh, of course I didn't"...and this is when the same feeling from childhood came, when you pretend to be strong and behave as grown up (and now come on, at my age of almost 38, I am (supposed to be) soooo grown up) and you smile but your tears are so close in your eyes and somewhere in your throat and this is it - the moment when MOTHER is so vulnerable...You see when kids are small you have that illusion that you are very much in control, what is nonsense of course. In Azerbaijani we have a saying, well like in any other language I suppose which means "Let God protect you/save you" - "Allah saxlasın"...

As we all know media and people (well media is done by people...sorry for this play on words) rarely suffer from wisdom. Therefore of course we had articles to say that there would be more shakes to take thousands of lives...And people spreading the news...But then there was someone cleverer to say that, that was it and I told it to my nanny and here I want to write...and we happily lived ever after! :) 

So, my dear readers, I really hope that nature, God, destiny would be kind to you and us, to all of us and allow us to have a meaningful end to our lives. That we are able to meet and greet many New Years going forward and as clever books say realize that life is beautiful in its many ways and as MJ used to sing "we can make it even a better place". 

P.S. In case you are wondering, my husband didn't feel anything and I called to say that "everyone is well and not panicking :), but that I still have some sort of a headache and it was very unpleasant..." and I wanted to feel weak and vulnerable for another couple of minutes, but the strategy started working less and less and besides I had to finish those two paragraphs anyway now and it was getting late. And what kind of mom reaches home late on the day of the earthquake anyway! I guess that would be me :)!   

Be safe and Happy! New Year! 

Photos are not mine. They are both taken in Sheki. First one, beautiful photo of even more beautiful and delicious persimmons is a courtesy of Jalal Sevdimov. 
This one with the view on Sheki in winter is by Tural Salimov. 

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Azerbaijan - European chess champions 2013 and 100 years to Arshin Mal Alan...

I haven’t been writing for quite a while but I was thinking about it quite a lot.
Two things happened during this period that I am particularly keen to mention about on my blog.
One of them is that our country team (men) became European chess champion for year 2013. This is big pride for Azerbaijan which team is becoming European chess champion for the second time: year 2009 and year 2013 
Chess has always been popular in Azerbaijan and thankfully continues to be so in young families.

This makes a perfect blend with another strong part of culture if not the strongest one in my country that is art and performance that I also want to write about today.

Here we are in year 2013 and recently new life was breathed into the movie that is based on  Arshin Mal Alan operetta. The movie has a rich history and world famous talents of its own and you can read about it here.      
I am sharing with you the soundtrack devoted to rebirth of the film, that is based of course on the original music. Music and performance are simply beautiful. Of course it is beautiful to my heart since every note of it echoes in me. But I think you would enjoy it too. This music describes Azerbaijan... 

Be well...


Saturday, August 10, 2013

Rich summer...

I have mentioned many times here that we are blessed with rich and fertile land in Azerbaijan. This summer when I found myself in different gardens of Absheron and Sheki I took random pictures that I want to share with you. Hope you enjoy. 

we love mulberry early summer... 
and cherry...
we do mürəbbə (preserve/jam) from many, many fruits including cherry...(adding nuts to mürəbbə makes tea ceremony even more delicious)  
 we love to drink tea with lemon...we love lemon in general...its good for those who have high blood pressure...we are southern people...our emotions are strong...and heartbeat is quick :) I took this photo in Sheki bazaar this summer... 
talking about nuts...being busy cleaning and eating fresh nuts is another pleasure...
sunflowers on the way to Sheki...lovely scenery that I am afraid I couldn't convey...lovely to eat sunflower seeds when they are ready if you are not afraid to ruin your nails :) 
flowers in "Officers'" park in Baku...expecting more parks in the capital and regions in the coming years...hoping for more trees, grass and flowers...
flowers in our garden in Absheron...don't last long...grateful for every flower and every day that they last...
children playing at the boulevard...Azerbaijan is a young country...children and young people  anywhere you go...youth is in the air :) 

talking about and ducklings in the park in Sheki...
Be well...

Sunday, August 04, 2013

People behind the scenes...III...

Today I will continue writing about one of my favorite subjects: about people behind the scenes.

This summer I have done photos of some people in Sheki that I want to share with you.

I will start with Bakhtiyar dayı (dayı-uncle in Azerbaijani). Let me first tell you that its quite common to call each other sister, brother, uncle, aunt, granny, grandfather, daughter, son in Azerbaijan...People that are not relatives address this way to show respect to people that they know quite well and/or to kind of soften their conversation with a stranger. Do not forget that this is Orient and many things are not just straightforward. 

So Bakhtiyar dayı (who is obviously not my uncle) is the gardener that is specializing in mowing the grass in the gardens. Despite his quite respectful age of around 70 Bakhtiyar dayı is full of energy. He is very respected first of all for his age and even more so for his hard work and positive attitude towards life. In summer one would find him very popular working in different gardens. He is showing so much energy while working that one would be ashamed to suggest that he could be tired or too aged (can not say old) to do this kind of work. Unfortunately my photo is not good and you can't really see Bakhtiyar dayı. I should have done a portrait since expression of his face would have told much more. Next summer...

Things seem much bigger in the childhood. I used to call my granny's garden forest when I was little. Bakhtiyar dayı working in my granny's forest. 
Once the grass is mowed it dries under the sun and once dry someone comes and takes it for their livestock. Someone took it this time as well. There are no phone calls, emails, confirmations and schedules...someone knocks on your gates and says "Bakhtiyar dayi sent me for grass" and you say "yes, please, go ahead". You don't call Bakhtiyar dayi, you don't check the identity. You are in Sheki. You feel safe. You expect people to be friendly. You can't imagine that it could be any different.  

Sometimes those who pick up your grass would bring you fresh milk in return as thank you gesture. Not this time  unfortunately :) 
I try to go to bazaar at least once when I am in Sheki. It is not as pretty and organized as it could be unfortunately but the atmosphere is still there. I like watching people and seeing what is available. My father is big cheese lover and every time he is in Sheki he goes to his favorite merchant and gets that special cheese. Not 100 grams but so that to treat families of his daughters and much more to enjoy back in Baku. He now introduced the merchant to my husband and this time we went to buy cheese for all. Unfortunately I don't know the merchan't name but when I saw him I discovered that this is very tall, I assume quite handsome in his youth man, with shiny blue eyes and very characteristic cap. As it happens quite often to me I get too shy in Sheki and here I was too shy to ask him if he could pose for me. He looked too serious but then later when I took these photos he looked at me and, either he was in a good mood or he was delighted to be photographed by young woman, he looked at me with such a beautiful smile that his eyes shined even more. I was very upset that I didn't take his photo at that very moment and kept whining about it to my spouse later. Again, hopefully next summer. 

P.S. Asked my father later why he never mentioned that his cheese merchant was such an "interesting" man. My father thought that it was a very strange question that did not need a reply. :) I wouldn't dare asking this question to my father 20 years ago :) 
Sorry for such a long post. Missed writing. My earlier posts on people behind the scenes can be read here and here

Saturday, August 03, 2013

About bread...

I am greeting you from Azerbaijan today after some silence. 

This post would be devoted to bread. 

Not sure if I wrote about this before but bread is one of the cherished or should I say "respected" if not the most "respected" product in Azerbaijan cuisine and culture. 

What does that imply? It means that e.g. if you are in Sheki then you would see that the first thing that is taken away from the table once lunch or dinner is over is bread. Bread is not supposed to be left on the table or around to dry. If one drops a piece of bread it must be picked up immediately. Some people would kiss it and put it on their eyes as ritual to show respect. We do not put old bread together with other waste but collect it separately so that it could be picked up by someone who would give it to his/her poultry (if thats in the region); if in Baku bread pieces would be collected separately. 

Bread has a notion of prosperity and abundance. Prosperity and abundance that it would bring to the family, household, land.

During our childhood we as girls would always help of course setting the table and clearing it after and would always hear older people reminding us that we should first take away bread. Hearing and seeing all this one grows with a "special feeling" to bread. Another thing is that childhood has memories of grannies that would be baking bread in təndir (tandoori) and this memory has also a fantastic smell of baked bread. I don't think I can explain that smell. And you all probably know it anyway. I think this is one of the things that every childhood should have. Memory of granny that is baking bread, smell of that bread, crisp of that bread and its beautiful taste. Taste that would stay with you forever. 

There is a story that I would be told about my late grandfather Mammadiyya; they say that he would buy bread and go home and on the way share the bread with many children playing around. Finally when he would reach home he would have seen that there wasn't much bread left. I guess my granny would be sure to have bread at home if she baked one of her own. :) 

With all these stories and memories I grew up with love to delicious bread. Nowadays when all talks are about calories and weight and since I am not also a teenager and calories do matter one always has a second thought before deciding to eat or not to eat. 

Well when its holiday and its Sheki and its təndir bread then the answer for me often is to eat. 

Around eight years ago I discovered bread culture of Germany and France for the first time and I must admit I enjoy their bread as much. 

Below pictures are of this summer: one taken in Azerbaijan, one in France. Its not only tasting the bread that I love but also going and getting fresh one in the morning or during the day...personally.

Wishing you prosperity, praying for those whose land is not in peace but war.

Salam, zəhmət olmasa bir dənə çörək verin. (Hello, one bread Azerbaijani)
Bonjour. Une baguette s'il vous plaît. (Hello, one bread French)
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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Peace of mind or why to visit Sheki...

If you are a party animal and you are not going to throw that party personally then Sheki probably is not the place you are looking for...

But if you are looking for peace of mind then I would suggest that you drive to Sheki. Your journey should be slow with no haste as this is one of those cases when not only the destination but the journey itself is very special. I said many times on this blog that you can live through many climate zones in Azerbaijan. Baku itself is not green by nature. It has Caspian to cool down its heat but for mountains and greenery one should go either to south, north, north-west and hopefully one day to Daglig Garabakh

Journey to Sheki is very picturesque, scenery changes every hour and if you are in that mood of observation and thinking then you would enjoy. 

The same happens when you arrive to Sheki. No rush, some traffic jam at rush hours and around bazaar. For the rest of the time probably the only sound that might "disturb" you is the singing of birds, giggling (and sometimes screaming of course) of children and in some places call to prayer, Azan.

Peace of mind and ability to kind of "switch off" could be quite a luxury for many in modern world. 

Last week we were in Sheki. During all these years while visiting Sheki I always found it difficult to watch the news, surf the internet or read my emails. Time kind of stops for me there. And I must confess I always felt almost bad or self-conscious about "wasting" my time. Could not enjoy the peace fully should I say. These year when I was visiting with kids and at those rare moments when they were either sleeping or playing on their own and I was left to myself I realized that I am enjoying and appreciating these moments much more...don't want to think that I am getting older :)

Sheki greeted us with its historically typical weather, rain and even thunderstorms at nights and morning and sunshine throughout the days. I took this photo when we had one of those hours of pleasant wind and gentle sun when curtains go up and down and one feels very grateful to be able to live these minutes...

Be well...  

Thursday, May 09, 2013

Victory Day...or the most beautiful May...

Our generation is so lucky not to live during the World War II...during fascism... 

It wouldn't be right to divide people who fought against fascism into nations, religions and other. Since this is the blog on Azerbaijan I will only mention that every fifth Azerbaijani became the victim of World War II...Nowadays when it is already 2013 we have fewer veterans among us. Many of grandfathers and grandmothers that gave their lives for peace and beliefs are not among us any longer.

As we all know "principles" at those times were such that once the war was over, it was over. Not like now, when bombs can explore here and there, even if there is a ceasefire or there is no war at all; this is the tragedy of "modern" world, of "modern" "people". 

Spring is so beautiful, May is so gorgeous, the most beautiful May must have been in 1945, when the war was over.  Of course happiness did not come right after and to all, but there must have been such a great hope, hope that all springs bring. 

Azerbaijan is in ceasefire. We all hope that our refugees would go back to graves of their grandfathers and grandmothers in Daglig Garabakh to say that their land is in peace. 

Today I am posting photos of beautiful Azerbaijan. Wishing you, us and future generations peaceful life to enjoy many springs to come. 

My earlier posts on Victory Day can be read herehere and here.   

Gobustan, Absheron peninsular by Senan Aleskerov 
Clear skies of Baku by Senan Aleskerov
by Senan Aleskerov 
Beautiful Azerbaijan by Ilkin Yagubov
Poppies come in, May comes with poppies by Ilkin Yagubov 

Sunday, May 05, 2013


Azerbaijan does not celebrate May 1 any longer. The date that many would remember with slogan "Peace...Labour...May". I love everything about May and Peace and actually Labour  - anything that is done with professionalism. In today's world and probably in all times, people depend on the work of each other. More professionally and honestly every work is done the happier the circle is, so to say...

One of my favorite sayings in Azerbaijani is "görülən işdən, gül iyi gələr" meaning "completed work smells like flower". This saying is used to praise someone who completes any task (preferably successfully and beautifully :) or in case one wants to persuade someone to finish the work etc.

When you have time see my earlier posts, on people behind the scenes, that I wrote in 2007 and 2012...

below picture is the picture of rose that my friends kindly brought me the other day. Unfortunately I am not able to convey its beauty fully just like it would be hard to describe the beauty of May in Azerbaijan...Be well...